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Second chances - Part 2

Life doesn't give you a 2nd chance ! It gives you hundreds. It’s up to us to act !

Nothing is easy in life. If it was, we’d never be happy. Ever !

We feel alive when we have to fight for things that are close to our heart to fulfill the cause we are destined for.

We feel we are at peace with ourselves when the work we do dawns clarity and insight into what our future has in offering to us.

All of us strive in gaining clarity about what exactly we want in life. We run & run & run & then finally come back to where we started and in the due course of time we would have wasted precious years of our life and learnt a lesson or two.

But what if we had clarity and insight, understood the reason and cause as to why we are born where we are born and for what reason we are born and why we are born to our parents, everything becomes clear to us. We stop fighting, we start learning and we evolve.

There is no such thing as “getting settled” in life when you have the fire within to grow, experience new things and seek to lead a life filled with adventure. You are settled because you’re lazy, PERIOD !

Not wanting to live life to the fullest and not willing to break the barriers and set new standards of thinking and living for yourself is indeed what’s suffocating you. It’s not about responsibilities nor the family.

Ignite the thought of creativity in you and give an opportunity for the real you to burst out and share the happiness of your birth with the ones who reflect the same insights that you have in life. Develop genuine, soul connections with the ones who are meant for you. For only then will you stop crying for the ones you have lost.

For that which you lost was never meant to be yours.

Don't just taste the meal called freedom of life, Sit back and have a full course meal. Realize and be free.



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