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Yoga for Kids

Yoga can be a great way for kids to stay active, improve their flexibility, and learn to calm their minds. Here are some tips and poses to introduce yoga to kids

Yoga education for kids Initiative:  4-14 yrs

​Your children are what you teach them !!!

Introducing kids to develop mindful habits and direct their energy in the direction of growth will help them gain clarity at an early age and will lift the self-inflicted guilt that parents feel when they start to think about how to revert the countless mistakes they made in the upbringing of their children.


​Well, Let’s accept the fact that we are bound to make mistakes. We are humans, but there is a way out. Yoga !!!
​It’s time to free the kids from all the unshared and suppressed feelings and plant the seed of belongingness so that the kids grow up to do the things they are destined to and tap their inner potential and lead a life they are destined for. 
Let’s be honest, How many of you in spite of knowing deep down you aren't meant for your profession yet continue to do and be where you are & feel stuck and suffocated. Do you want your kids to feel the same?. 

No right?.

​Then let’s start creating the ideal space and inculcate the habits that’ll help them blossom. And in the age where social media is altering the child’s behaviour and affecting their mental health, Let’s get them off the phone and inside their mind !!!. It’s time to break the social media addiction. 

Our Yoga education for kids initiative exclusively for kids, 4 - 13yrs will be aimed at teaching the young hungry minds those habits which will have a huge impact & help in overall holistic development & give them a true direction in life.​Giving them the right to understand the Indian spiritual heritage will help them connect to the roots and help them stay grounded & sane. Vedic chanting & Sanskrit too will start from the 3rd month onwards. Would you guys be interested in sending your children for the same?. If yes, Let’s get started. ​Schedule: Monday | Wednesday | Friday: 5.00pm - 6.00 pm​I will be selecting 50 young hungry souls. Teach, train & tune them to perfection. Send them if you think you can resonate with this & if you think they will too.​Do you feel Yoga isn't for your kid? Then, pass on the message to the one you know is seeking this…

Yoga for kids

Basic plan

Valid for 3 months

Yoga Education for kids Initiative.


Standard plan


Valid for 6 months

Yoga Education for kids Initiative.

Premium plan


Valid for 1 year

Yoga Education for kids Initiative.

Class Timings


 5:00pm:  (kids batch-4 to 14 yrs) Monday to Friday

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