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Harsha Yoga

Welcome to Harsha Yoga. We are a yoga school with headquarters in Bengaluru, South India. Teaching at Harsha Yoga focuses on teaching and sharing the teachings of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.

How it all began

Harsha Yoga

Harsha Yoga  was started by Harsha Nagaraj and his elder brother Chethan Nagaraj in 2013 to spread and share the teaching of Yoga and Vedanta, with a very humble beginning in west Bangalore, Karnataka, India with a hand full of students. The shala has been a guiding light for over 4000+ students who have learned under the brothers.

The brothers themselves started their journey of yoga under the disciples of Sri.BKS.Iyengar back in 2007 and continued the practice till 2012 and gained mastery in Ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga practices. Not only has the teaching reached thousands of students but it has changed lives in countless ways.


Journey of Harsha Yoga

In 2010 after completing his Engineering, Harsha went on to deepen his spiritual journey and studied yoga and Vedanta under the guidance of Dr Ramacandra Bhat at SVYASA and completed his mastemaster's in yoga in 2012, who initiated Harsha into the traditional Gurukula system of education in 2010 where he started his scriptural studies in Yoga and Vedanta. The same Gurukula system of education and teaching will be imparted to the students who come to do the training at Harsha Yoga Pathashala.

The school started by the brothers has been sharing the teachings of Ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga for 10 years now and continue to do so. Residential Teachers training(200hrs, 300hrs & 500hrs) course are held in Ashtanga yoga and Hatha yoga Bangalore and from 2020 residential TTC are also being held in an ashram in Mysore.

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