Life beyond 4 walls

I am Harsha Nagaraj and this is my story for the day.

All of us have in us what is needed to break the boundaries of ones own limitation and expand above and beyond the Mundane actions, Which we end up thinking is what our life is all about. That is the  first mistake you do as an adult and once you take your life under control. The everyday action in the name of work, family and responsibilities is just a part of you, it IS NOT YOU.

We are humans, One of the highly evolved species on planet earth who have the ability to free oneself from the clutches of the world and break the cycle of birth and death, Instead of understanding this you are getting sucked into the Maze which is pushing you further away from your Jivatma (Individual consciousness). Understand one thing, we are a species who love and cherish evolution as we grow. We need to evolve, grow and experience things that help us expand out consciousness and make us understand the secrets of our creation and the creator.

The first basic need of being a human is not food, its being close to mother earth. Respecting her and becoming one with her. We have rented a peace of land and made a house to our self and called it our home which only feeds our ego and pushes us further away. We need to understand we are nothing but servants, born to serve the nature around us. Yes we are. It is the truth, It doesn’t matter even if you deny it. Fact is a fact. You can lie to yourself the whole life and keep SURVIVING, But if you want to LIVE you have to accept.

This my friend, Is what the mountains teach you. In, 2017 I was Sikkim. OMG! Where do I even start… See for yourself.

Connecting to the silence within is a easy process when you stay in a silent place which reverberates the silence in its purest form. Not while you sit at home when the people around you start  influencing you just by their thought process. To connect to yourself, You have to first disconnect. Not just from the ones around you, But from yourself. Do the undone and free yourself of this burden that you are carrying on your shoulders. Given the present situation in the world you never know, Lead the life to the fullest and give everything that your soul craves for. Feed the soul, Not the mind and your pockets.

Ill tell one thing. Never stay where the crowd is. You will never grow. Be and bond with those soul who make you realize the truth about your own self. Food and shelter is not the only thing you are born for. And if you are reading this I am sure you have plenty to take a break from the life you are leading and think why you have deprived yourself of all the amazing experiences that Mother nature has to offer.

Just keeping our eyes open and seeing what is happening in the outside world is not going to lead you anywhere. Start seeing beyond what is visible to your naked eyes, Only then you will realize how blind you were. I’d say 99% of humans are blind to the reality even though they have a pair of beautiful and fully functional eyes. Let mother nature be your best friend. She is indeed the Guru of Guru’s.

What is the use of offering Pooja(Prayers) to the Gods and Goddesses and seek to shower their blessing on you when you end up destroying the very nature they created?. Use and have only what  is needed. Never go behind your WANT’s, Its a very dangerous path, never ending and will lead you ultimately to death.

In the pic - Antoine, My BBF, the hands & brains behind these photographs

Do what makes your soul happy. I smile when I am there in the nature and when I have become one with her. For when I live in the city you will hardly see me smile in full Glory. Grow, shine and live the life for which you are born for. Explore the unknown parts of you by going to the unknown places, doing the unknown and when you do that, you get lost and that’s when you find yourself. Its very very very essential to get lost and become one with nature. For only then will your search become more intense.

Today I thought ill share with you and show the beauty of Sikkim in relation to the pictures. But I think once you relate and resonate to the words I have written you will connect instantly to the pictures in here.

Lead the life to the fullest. Do the undone, Meet the unknown, Become the unknown and be free forever. Lets make everyday count. :):)

Let me know what you feel about my words in the comments below and share among those interested, for you never know whose life you are about to change in a click of button.

Lots of love,

Harsha Nagaraj.

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Life beyond 4 walls

Exactly 2 years ago i went on a hike to Gaumukh in Uttarkhand to see the source of the magnificently beautiful river Ganga.

Ohh!! What do I say about the beauty of the place ! It made me wonder why I still live in a place like Bangalore although it is considered one of the best places to live in India. The silence and the energy I felt as I stood there engulfed my entire being. I dint want to return. All of us know whats good for our soul, Things that makes us complete, empowered and free and in-spite of this why do we always comeback to same life driven by lust and greed?.Have you thought about it?. Is there something your scared of ? Or are you scared of yourself ?.

I’d say, Yes. You are scared of yourself.

Humans are too scared to know and realize the truth of oneself that exists in them which will help them liberate from the clutches of the mundane world and yet they don’t. You want to why ? Because you really aren’t in need of it, You aren’t ready. When the time is right and when you are ready, that’s when you go beyond the realms of your existence. You go beyond from just being a Human, You become the ONE.

Yes, you become the ONE and that’s when you realize the burden and sin you have undergone over the years in the name of responsibility and LOVE.

Nature has a very subtle way of teaching you lessons about who you are and help you connect to the real person who is waiting to burst out of you. Why do you suppress this awesome person who is GOD himself? Do you wish to be in the clutches of the materialistic world and be dragged into the abbeys ?. No human deserves this, and if your reading this you definitely don’t.

Stay true to who you are, Let that person whom you have kept a secret all these years glow and grow. Cherish what you have. Enjoy the life to the fullest. You never know if you will ever be born again as a human and have all the comforts you have now. Live everyday like its your last. Know who you are and be free forever.

Help and serve yourself. The GOD in you is waiting for you. Instead of connecting to him/her who is going to free you, do you want to waste your time in pleasing the people around you who will only make your life more miserable and push you away from the reality?.

This is the truth I realized while I stood being engulfed in the beauty of the mountains. The people you meet and with whom you spend time influence you in un-imaginable way. Be careful with whom you spend your time. If spending time with your own kith and kin is making you feel like you are neck deep in bondage, Leave now !. Find the right souls who will make you feel free and breath-in a new life within you.

Happiness is your true nature. You don’t have to go in search of it. Just get rid of all the dirt that is dragging you down in the name of family and responsibilities and you will forever be what you are born to be. You will be “THE ONE”.

Do share your view in the comments below... It matters the most :)

And share among those interested, for you never know who's life your about to change with a click of a button.

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