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FAQ's About Fees

FAQ’s about Fee

What does this TTC fee include?

The fee includes the following:

  • Accommodation (depending on what you choose)

  • 2 Meals - Breakfast & Lunch

  • Training Materials (YTTC Manual, T-Shirt, NoteBook & Pen)

  • Eligibility to register with Yoga Alliance


What does this fee exclude?

The fee excludes the following:

  • Transfer after Yoga Teacher Training

  • Your shopping during the day-off

  • Laundry (Service available with an extra cost) & other extra things if you want during the training


I am an NRI/OCI. Do I avail Indian fee?

No. If you hold OCI/NRI, you won’t be able to get the Indian fee structure. If you are living in India and earning in India, only then the Indian fee structure is applicable for you.


Do I get the money refunded if I am unable to participate in the training for any reason?

No. There is no refund of the fee paid.


However, under special cases, the registration can be transferred to a future training. In this case, you will need to inform at least one month before the course begins. You won't be able to transfer the registration in the last 30 days before the training begins.

Can I do Karma Yoga or any collaboration for the fee reduction?

No. There is no collaboration or Karma Yoga is expected from you during the training. You will be one of the students, like everyone else. However, you can definitely contribute in the experience of the training with your skills.


Do I get any discount other than mentioned above?

There is no discount offered other than the one mentioned above. Often, there are scholarships offered by the institution. Please contact the institution by sending an email to


Why do you have a special fee for Indians?

The intent here is not to discriminate based on nationality. We have been trying to spread Yoga to the young generation in India. However, for many reasons, there is still a reluctance to take Yoga practice seriously.


One of the hurdles is also due to the economical viability of Yoga classes in India. There are a lot ofYoga shalas compared to the west. Therefore, we are keeping the prices as low as possible to people who earn here in India so that they can also get into the mainstream of Yoga practices.

FAQ about TTC

Q: I am not interested in Yoga Teacher Training. However, I would like to attend a few classes. Do you offer any open classes?

Ans : No. The yoga school is a place wherein the practice, teaching and discussions related to Yoga take place. 


Harsha Yoga is specifically established for professional Yoga Teacher Training Courses and the entire team is completely committed to it.


Q :Can I stay at harsha yogaas long as I want? If so, is there any activity that I could follow?

No. You can’t stay as long as you want. As mentioned above, Harsha Yoga is a destination where Yoga Courses are taught based on what you opt for.


The team is very committed to it and you can opt for other programs if you wish to stay & continue your practice.


Q : Should I specifically prepare for the training?

After the registration fee is received, you will receive something called 'Purvabhyasa Deepika' to prepare for the training.


This Purvabhyasa Deepika includes videos, audio files, and PDFs to prepare for the training. It is available once you pay the registration fee. You can log in and check your dashboard.

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