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Director, Harsha Yoga

Harsha started Harsha Yoga in 2013 to spread the light of yoga having practiced under Senior Iyengar yoga teachers since the age of 17. In 2010, he received a full scholarship to obtain his M.Sc. in Yoga and Vedanta (Indian philosophy) from the prestigious SVYASA University, Karnataka, India.

Harsha had the blessing to learn and study yoga & vedanta under Sri. Ramachandra Bhat, Dean of Veda Vijanan Gurukula and Vice Chancellor of SVYASA University, who officially initiated him into the path of yoga. Harsha is greatly influenced by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda & his guru Sri Ramakrishna Pramahamsa & Sharada Devi and consider the holy trio as his Guru.

Harsha is also deeply influenced by the teaching of Sri.T.Krishnamachraya and woes his knowledge and experience and expertise in yoga to this noble soul.

Harsha Nagraj

Thought Harsha did not have the blessing of the lord Patanjali to meet this noble soul he did meet one of his disciple BKS.Iyengar way back in 2007 under whom Harsha learnt numerous yogic techniques.

Studying Yoga, the Prasthanathrayas and Sanskrit has brought a whole new dimension into Harsha's life, revolutionizing his evolution as a human being. During teacher's trainings and the regular classes at the Harsha Yoga, Harsha shares this experience with beginners and advanced students alike. 

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