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Unlock Your Inner Bliss: Discover the Joy of Yoga with Harsh Yoga Teachers



Yoga Trainer (Harsha Yoga)

Sindhu has been practicing Yoga dedicatedly for the last five years and has been teaching for three years now. Introduced to this divine journey since her childhood, she was always curious about finding answers to the big questions of life. After she quit her nine-to-five engineering job, her life changed entirely in what now seems to be the most obvious ways that led her towards the path of yoga.

Sindhu has completed her M.Sc. in Yoga therapy

from S-VYASA yoga university, Bangalore. Her life's goal is to reach the pinnacles of Yogic practice, gain knowledge and share it among the true seekers.

Sindhu has had the opportunity to have learned under some of the most eminent teachers from across the country. Picking up techniques, forms and teachings from various schools of thought, she has a strong hold over identifying the right ways of practicing the yogic way of life. Sindhu's ability lies in her teaching methodology and the passion in passing on the right knowledge.

Amar Srividya

Yoga Trainer (Harsha Yoga)

Amar Srividya (E-RYT500 hrs) teaches in Bangalore and has also conducted yoga intensives in Norway. Apart from asanas and sequencing, Amar also teaches the alignment class that helps students understand the more subtle aspects of yoga practice.

Amar has four years of teaching experience and in addition to his smooth technique, students praise his excellent communication skills. He has been counselling students to lead a healthy lifestyle and has been guiding them to attain their health, fitness and spiritual goals. Amar’s thorough knowledge of various exercise techniques and yoga programs allows him to customize the training to fit the specific physical needs of each student, no matter their gender, age or fitness level.

Amar holds a master’s degree in Yoga and Vedanta (Indian philosophy) from SVYASA University, Karnataka, India, as well as a master’s degree in Human Resource Management. He has completed the Pranayama course of Bihar School of Yoga in Bangalore.

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Yoga Trainer (Harsha Yoga)

Lavi is a senior teacher at Harsha Yoga. She has been a yoga practitioner since 2011 and holds a master's degree in Yoga Therapy from SVYASA University. Now, her mission is to teach and apply yoga for healing purposes.

Lavi’s work as a teacher, therapist & is a true inspiration for women and men alike to improve their  health. With her unwavering smile and encouragement, she motivates everyone, however hard the asana may be. She is also highly regarded for her expertise in primary, intermediate and advanced Ashtanga Yoga sequences.

Empowering the Mind and Body: A Yoga Workshop for Teachers

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