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How to connect to your true self

“Mind your own business”. It’s as simple as that. 

The easiest way to stay true to yourself is focusing on “you” and you alone. 

When none exists in the world that you have created for yourself,You’ll eternally be grateful for yourself .

Being grateful to oneself is the easiest way to establish a strong bond with oneself.

A bond that can't be broken by any !. Since this is lacking, you tend to seek this in the ones.

It took 22 years to get a useless degree to do a job that needed just 6 months of training. Cant you spend a few years establishing yourself ? Is it too much to ask for ?.

You never spent an hour everyday since you were born to understand yourself and establish a strong connection with oneself but spend hours pursuing entrance exams that were totally worthless !

When you spend half your life running away from who you are and away from everything you were meant to be, how is it possible to reconnect to your inner self in just 12 months !!!

Your inner core has gone into deep hibernation !Now, You need the strongest jolt EVER  imaginable  to wake up !.

Failure & falling will lead towards Faith. So,Never ever be shaken or shattered when you feel like life’s crashing down on you. The faith you establish with yourself is the strongest when the fall is the hardest. 

So when you feel like you’re dying on the inside & your life’s coming to an end keep in mind that you’re about to rise above everyone and everything. 

It takes years of disconnection to establish connection with oneself and you are the only one to blame if it hasn't happened yet because you never made it a priority.

Can't do it on your own?. Come & join me & let's grow together to rise above limitations, Shine beyond insecurities & Evolve beyond fears.

- Harsha

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