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Generation gap & failure to express oneself : 

Our ideas, our views, our perspective of the world,work & web varies based on when we are born.

I agree with the rapid technological advances happening, the world changing at a blink of an eye it is difficult to keep up with the pace at which the change is happening.

But you don't have to, that’s why we have something called “lineage”. You are a pro in what you do, you’ve mastered an art/skill based on the knowledge you’ve incurred which the future generations may not be that keen on and would want to pursue something different. Let them !!!

They are doing so because they have seen enough & would want to pursue that which makes them feel free, What’s wrong in that?.

Ideologies change, views of life change & definition of success changes by time. Just because you saw the world the way you saw it, You underwent difficulties, you struggled doesn't mean your kids also have to right?.

In this information age if you have a 50 year old approach to life even GOD can't help you. 

As an “Elder” you have to share the wisdom you’ve got with the young hungry minds & use their energy to bring in a new perspective so that same knowledge/skill is shared to the future generation with a new touch. You have to realize one thing: “Everyone is standing on another’s shoulder”.(Unless you’re GOD).

Since you stop learning, since you stop upgrading yourself, since you stop upscaling your knowledge & skill,you become lazy. Growth is the sole purpose of life & the day you stop it “Generation Gap” widens. It’s 2023 & how many of you even know crypto?. How many of your parents know about the power of AI ?.

The future is in the present & is in the hands of Gen Z & Gen Alpha. They are the real wealth & future of the world & if you as “adults” think you’re smarter than them just because you feed them, clothe them & provide them shelter, you’re the “ DUMBEST ADULT ” on planet earth.

The day you stop listening to the young hungry minds & start imposing your “So called smartness” on them you’ve dug your own grave called the “Generation Gap”. 

Since you do not keep up with the pace & changes in the external materialistic world where even the way youngsters express things, sharing feelings is very different from what it used to be, Then you as “elders” fail to connect to them. 

You continue to express your concerns & affection in a language they never understand after they cross puberty,Later they’ll be forced to find someone whom they can connect with & ultimately you’ll feel abandoned & disrespected. 

You did what you thought was right & so did they. What’s wrong with that?.

So, what’s the answer ?.

You have to accept the fact that it is time to move on with your life. The kids of these days wish to have their own life. It doesn't matter how undisciplined, disorganized their life is, they don't want any interference. You can't control everything. Or is it the fact that you have nothing to do in your own life that you decide to control the one’s in front of you?.(Which is usually the kids).

Generation gap is real.

Failure to express in another’s language is real.

Change is real.

Don't expect them to live with you till you die. For GOD’s sake, Grow up & get a life for yourself & stop making your little one’s life miserable.

Accept it & move on !!!

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