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Real problems emerge once all your problems get resolved : 

If you’re smiling while reading this title. You know exactly what i’m talking about and you also know what i’m TALKING ABOUT.

99 % of the people in the world do not want to get their problems sorted because they LOVE their problems and they want to be where they are & sulk till they die.

I mean why take the only thing from them that they’ve been crying for for the past 10+ years?

Work problems,family problems,relationship problems are all because you choose it. You prioritized it. Those problems were meant for you so that you stayed away from the real problems (The quest of searching oneself )

So what are the “Real problems in life then?”. Here are a few…

  1. Fighting everyday to be the best version of oneself.

  2. Breaking one’s comfort zone for growth.

  3. Making knowledge the source of happiness. 

  4. Serving humanity without expecting anything in return.

  5. Knowing who you are & accepting yourself.

  6. Never shy away from expressing yourself !Never,Ever!

  7. Fighting for what you believe in.

  8. Leading a life like there’s nothing to lose.

  9.  Making self love & self care the foundation of your existence. It’s your first priority, everything else is next.

  10. Setting targets & achieving them.

  11. Never take “NO” for an answer in disciplining oneself.

  12. Finding a teacher who can show you the path.

  13. Giving as much importance to sorrow as for joy. 

  14. Accepting the whole world as your “ FAMILY ”.

  15. Find your spiritual family & grow with them.

These are the 15 fundamental Real Life problems for which if you do not find the answers for, It doesn't matter even if you have a Ph.d or a Billionaire, you’ll be the saddest & loneliest person on planet earth.

100’s may attend your funeral when you die but there’ll be no real time & care ever nor will they shed a drop of tear.

When your life ends & thousands shed a river of tears mourning your loss, consider your life’s work on this planet full filled.

Can't do it on your own?. Come & join me & let's grow together to rise above limitations, Shine beyond insecurities & Evolve beyond fears.

- Harsha

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