Sunday stories, Part 4

Updated: May 24, 2020

Life beyond 4 walls

Where are we?

All of us are wondering about the above questions more than we have ever done in our lives. We’ve all been running behind things for such a long time, we have completely forgotten who we are and why we are here. If life was easy to understand and lead there would never have been creation in the first place.

Why have we fallen behind on this journey of self?. Why are we so disconnected from our self? If we are not happy spending the time with oneself and always crave for what is bound to drag us down to the abbeys, where do you think this life of ours will lead to?.

Each and everyone of us took the human form after passing through a cycle of incarnations. We were blessed and hence we are born. All of us are born blessed, We don’t need another person or an external source if we remain true to this nature of ours. Because of the upbringing, the people whom we meet and the lessons we are taught we are pushed away from the internal journey. All the experiences in life should lead us towards freedom from our self. We should fell free from our own presence, But why isnt this happening?.Why is the humanity moving towards the destruction rather than evolution!

You take a human form and then you start to lead the life of one under the illusion that you are here to serve and help the ones in need. Who are you to help/serve the other person? Is it possible for one blind person to guide another on a unknown path?. After being born everyone of us need an Idol/Image to hold on to who we are because it is very easy to get lost in the world filled with darkness & light. If you don’t have something to hold on to all you see is darkness and your entire life will filled with a cloud of darkness and nothing else!.

For the inner light to shine forth, You have to be who you are born to be. If you still haven’t found the purpose of your existence, Start questioning it today. Travel to every length and breath of your own self and don’t rest until you find the answer. Having a family, people to look after you, having all the comforts you seek will never bring the completeness you seek. Its high time you realize that these are infant dragging and draining you down and you are pushed away from your self.

Depriving yourself of all the experiences that your self craves is the greatest SIN you commit to your own self. Not cherishing who you are and being distant from your true nature to satisfy the greed of the other person or to fit into the norms of the SO CALLED SOCIETY will make your life miserable. Break this barrier that you have made for yourself, Come out and shine so that the whole world remains amazed after knowing who you really are. Never ever deviate from your true nature, You are who you are for a reason. Find that reason and you will forever be happy and will no longer turn back.

Do all the things that have remained as a dream up until now. Family, friends and the rest will here. The day you stop making sacrifices in the name of family, love, responsibility, neither are you happy nor the people around you. Freedom is you true nature. Live it!

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