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20 reasons to start yoga in your twenties

  1. Direction : The rate at which the hormones are gonna spoil the prime time in your life, will only be realized by you once the time is lost. Play with your life & emotions by keeping a tab of what's biologically happening in you. Use Yoga.

  2. Psychological direction : We all need a path to direct the energy we have in us. The feeling of wanting to belong & to be loved is very dominant in 20’s. Yoga will help you fall in love with your intellect.

  3. Physique : Gym & muscles may boost your physical confidence for a few years pumping up your testosterone level. Will you believe if i tell you I'm high all the time (Yoga time) & I've never felt the need of drugs or wanting to impress others?. I'm high emotionally.

  4. Clarity : You have the energy, You have the time, You have the body, But your pockets are empty & your thoughts and emotions are unheard. Rather it falls on deaf ears. Pay no heed to those, With clarity comes confidence & with confidence comes self respect.

  5. Strength & flexibility : In the 20's the resistance to accept the form & shape you are in is very high. Paying too much attention to your physical body may kill your future growth. So, strengthen it, let the energy flow so that you feel alive everyday you wake up. Yoga is the way. Mark my words.

  6. Body : The magnitude of change the body undergoes. You need a stronger system inside you so that you do not become a slave of your desires & the people around you.

  7. Hormones : This is the age hormones play a spoilsport. They have the ability to make or break your upcoming years. Don't you think it'll be awesome if the hormones obey your command & you are the boss rather than you being driven by it?.

  8. Insight : Being hot blooded is insanely important only if you know where to direct your ego, channelize your energy so that you gain deeper insight & grow. A few minutes of silence & contemplation while being hot blooded will work wonders for you. So, Yoga…

  9. Worth living feeling : Early life crises can bring down self confidence & self esteem making you feel like life isn't worth living. Trust me, you are !!!. In Fact you’re born to change everything, to lend a fresh voice for everything around you.

  10. Satsang : Be & spend time with those who bring in a new wave of life & energy in you. Satsang is all about being in the company of those who make you feel like a King/Queen. By time, friends will fade away as if they never existed, don't compromise on your values & pretend to be some else just to “look cool”

  11. For the Guru in you : You definitely need a Guru. Yes, You do. He is the one who’s been where you’ve been & is ready to selflessly help you. Surrender yourself wholeheartedly to taste & see the magic unfold. A Guru can be a harshest critic & your bestie.

  12. To evolve & evolve : Make this is a motto in your 20's. Every action, every work, every day you need to evolve.

  13. Learn & Lead : The enthusiasm to lead & be a leader is very predominant when in 20’s. First learn how to learn, then serve & only after that think about leading. To lead, someone has to hold your hand and lead you for a while. Yoga will act as a catalyst here. So, make it a part of your life.

  14. PQ & EQ, Not IQ : Physical and emotional quotient is more important than Intelligence quotient. Yoga will help you in balancing your emotions while keeping you physically at your prime.

  15. Rewiring : You should always be ready to change, adapt, learn & relearn. You should be able to rewire yourself internally. Think & be an honest chameleon. Change to evolve ONLY. Have allegiance only to a power that’s higher than you.

  16. Clothing & food : How you think is how you dress & what you eat is who you are. So, This has to come from within, not being influenced by anyone around you. The journey on the path of yoga will help you understand and connect to your true nature, making you feel one with yourself.

  17. What not to do in life : Not all of us figure out what are the things we need to stay away from. Knowing what not to do is more important than what to do. The guide to live a life is what the Yoga sutras is all about. So, start reading them.

  18. Spirit : From a very young age it is very important that you connect to your inner spirit. The spirit for whose purpose you are born. In your 20’s there is a high possibility of drifting very far away from your inner spirit. If you do not connect, get yourself mentally ready to face the worst midlife crisis ever !!!

  19. The real you : The feeling of being confused & lost will not only lead to chaos & confusion but will push you away from making the right decision when you are at your prime. Real life decisions need to roar from inside you. Yoga will help you connect to your real nature, making you feel complete.

  20. The inside world : Information age is a boon if you know how to use it, Curse if not. First connect to your inner world instead of spending hours in the outside world.

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