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Why we keep falling back into the same old routine 

Updated: Jan 24

As crappy and as conflicting it may sound, Deep down we all know it’s true.

Deep down we all know we’ve been a victim of  it.

Deep down we all know we have what it takes to uplift ourselves & yet we DON'T !!.


Here’s the answer : 

You like to lead a stagnant LIFE, That’s why !!!.

Was that a slap on your face?. It has to be, because it’s the truth !!!

Here’s another truth : You like to feel suffocated every day, You like or in fact you love to lead an ordinary life, you do not want to break out of it, That’s why you keep falling back to the same routine ! 

You’ve started to enjoy pain.

You’ve started to enjoy laziness.

You’ve started to enjoy being menial. 

You’re afraid to set yourself up for failure.

You’re afraid as to what may or may not happen.

I mean, Why put effort everyday to grow & excel when you can just repeat the same routine till you die & be lazy. Right?.

Well, here’s another truth…. 


YOU want to do what you’re doing & except the whole world to dance to your footsteps .

Grow up ! It’s not gonna happen ! To break the cycle, You have to be ready to go above & beyond everything. Learn & push until you’ve become a whole new person.  

You want all the recognition in the world & you want the world to appreciate & pamper you because you think what you’re doing is revolutionary ( When it’s not  close to even being ordinary !) 

Since you’re not ready to learn new things & let go (or rather kill the older you) , you wanna fall back into doing the older things ending up getting sucked into the loop again & ultimately you’ll never break free. 

So what can you do?.

Do what needs to be done ! Do what makes you feel liberated !

Slap & push yourself to do what you’re destined to do. It’s do or die !!!. 

It’s one life. 

You may never again meet the same people whom you know.

You may not be blessed with the same set of parents again.

You may not be blessed with the same siblings.

You may not be blessed with the same friends.

You may not be born in the same place.

You may not be blessed with the same grandparents.

You may never again be blessed with the same life privileges you have now.

You may never be blessed with good health.

You may never be blessed with a human life.

SO, ACT NOW !!!.  




Don't have the strength to do it on your own?. Come & join me so that we free one another together. 

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