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Why we choose a miserable life

Yeah, You heard me right !!!. And you know it is true.

You have everything it takes to go beyond where you are.

You have everything that’s needed to be the “ONE” .

You have everything that’s needed to break the barriers

Yet, You do not make the move.

Why is it?. What is the reason ?

Is it fear ?

Is it shame ?

Is it fear to outdo yourself ?

Is it fear of the people around you?

Is it lack of purpose ?

Is it because of lack of vision ?

Is it because of a lack of clarity ?

Is it because you do not want to take risks?

Is it because of loneliness ?

Or just

Plain,blank Laziness?

Whatever you may be experiencing, I’m 100 % sure you’ll fall into one of the above categories.

If not, at least relate to one of the above.

If yes, You have everything that takes to pull yourself out of the misery you’ve gotten yourself into.

Suffer, Slog & suffocate yourself for a year by questioning yourself to seek clarity, to rethink & realign yourself instead of feeling dead every single day you wake up and doing the same old thing again & again & again & again & again.

If you aren't able to derive any meaning from the work you do & you aren't feeling complete, Why would you want to push yourself & suffocate everyday ?.

A 1 year break from everything is better than 10 years of suffering doing the same thing over & over & over.

No one will ever help you, No one’s gonna hand hold you & lead you to freedom.

You have to take the responsibility !

You have to act !

You have to free yourself from everything that’s holding you back !

Delete that OOT platform from your phone.

Delete that FB & IG.

Delete that old ex away from your life.

Delete that old life of yours

Throw away that TV

Stop seeking for comfort & stop searching for motivation & inspiration with in to find your purpose.

Find yourself, for the you’ll never need anyone’s help anymore.

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