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Why it’s difficult to sync body movement & breath :

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

1 & only reason : We suck, that’s why !!!

If you think you rule the family, you’re happy that you control your spouse & kids, you earn shit ton of money & own every goddamn thing you want & think you are blessed !!! You've taken yourself for granted.

You’ve used & abused the body & made it undergo countless miseries for GREED !

Finally a day comes when you fall sick or something stops working in your body then out of nowhere a realization dawns on you !!!.

Instead of waking up & taking control of your life, you start to search for people who can show sympathy & empathy !!!!


You start acting as if the world has come crashing down on your head & that you need the best of the best doctors & healers to treat you & make you feel better so that you can again fall into this trap of pumping up your ego.

You got into this mess & now you have to get yourself out of it. Stop searching for GOD & the unknown love & affection (That does not exist) from your loved one’s to seek empathy.

Take your goddamn life under your control.

Take some time off everyday to breath ( This’ll take 10 minutes)

Take some time off everyday to sit in silence (This’ll take 5 minutes)

Take some time off everyday to appreciate what you have (This’ll take 2 minutes )

Take some time off everyday to verbalize your feelings to your spouse (This’ll take 2 minutes )

Take some time time off every day to eat good food (Ta

ke how much ever time you want)

Take some time off everyday to thank yourself ( 1 minute )

Don't gimme a stupid reason of "I HAVE NO” time because of family & responsibility.

All of the above will take “20 MINUTES”.

I'm 100 % sure your phone screen time is more than “30 MINUTES”.

An apple a day doesn't keep the doctor away. Apple is adulterated these days. Do you remember how you peel off the wax every time you wish to eat it?. When that’s the case, Can you really trust what’s inside an apple?

So, 20 minutes time must be spent on onese

lf every day if you wanna live, enjoy, feel alive. Only when you do this will you understand the real value of life.

If you’re someone who doesn't appreciate & show gratitude to life & birth.

You’ll suffer & suffocate !!!

So, Wake up. Take some time off EVERYDAY for yourself. Kill the devil inside you & let the magic happen.

Can't do it on your own?. Come & join us & let's grow together to rise above limitations, Shine beyond insecurities & Evolve beyond our fears

- Harsha Nagaraj

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