Sunday stories,Part 3

Updated: May 24, 2020

Life beyond 4 walls.

I am Harsha Nagaraj and this is my story of the day

All of us have been blessed with everything we want. Yes, everything. There is absolutely no shortage of anything, it is our greed that is getting bigger and masking us from having the most beautiful experiences in life and making us missing out on seeing the highest virtues that exist around us and in the people with whom we live.

Why is it that you stay away from having a life filled with lots of adventurous and new experiences?. Do you want to lead a boring life? Why is it you need security? Don't you trust your self? Why do you need to convince the people around you about who you truly are and restrain from being who you are truly meant to?! Are you scared of who you are?. Don’t you think its your birth right to be and live your life to the fullest irrespective of where you are and with who you are? Why are you depriving your soul from the expressing itself to the fullest? Why are you holding yourself back? What are you waiting for? Aren’t you craving for the freedom in thought, action and speech?

The answer to all this lies in you. Its simple, You have become your own enemy. The “YOU” in you is dead! Wake her/him up. Cherish and be the person who you are meant to be. Brake this barrier that you have created to yourself and stop convincing and making people around you happy. The proverb “Let sky be limit” is ancient, drop it!!! I say, Aim for the stars and reach beyond the stars. Because you are THE star. You were born because you were a star and the chosen one. You know how many life times you have taken to reach where you are?!. Cherish the life you have now. Its time you realize and live.

Adventure, Spirituality, Food, music and sharing my experiences among the souls who crave for it are the things that bring completeness me and help me connect to myself and bring out the creator in me/help me be in peace with myself. You have to find out what is your source of happiness. Trust me, Everyone has one, You have to search harder. Not everyone is meant for the schooling system we have at present. ESPECIALLY NOT ME. There are souls who are meant to stand out and express and speak up and share the words like no one has ever heard, I am that. YOU too need to find the same source that brings this completeness in you and which makes you realize that you are forever free, That you don’t have to crave for freedom for it is your real nature. Find this and you are forever love yourself.

Nature has its way of making your realize things by not saying a word to you. What is there in the beautiful world of ours is what is there inside us. Its just that when we sit and see to ourselves and think, the answers start to flow.

This is one of the things i realized when i was seated in the above place. Go to the nature, to connect to your true nature.This is i why love going to the mountains for i feel that is where my soul resides. What about you? Have you found yours?. Else, Start now !!!.

Break the barrier, Set yourself free and the real YOU reveal itself to you.

I hope this inspires you. Please feel free to share your views in the comments below, That will make me really happy. And share them among those who are interested. You never know who's life your about to change with a click of a button.

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