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Searching for Completeness

Updated: May 29

I mean, seriously, what’s next ? Why do we live ? Why are we here ? Where do we go ?

Comfort of company is taken care of.

Food is taken care of.

Shelter is taken care of.

You socialize, travel, earn , and talk so the boredom is taken care of, but the emptiness inside you is eating you up and drawing you back to the world.

Have you every thought about why this is happening ? Why all this emptiness despite doing everything you’ve aspired to be or did you falsify your aspiration ? 

Are we missing out on anything? Or have we gone mad?

Have we lost the purpose in pursuit of being someone who we are not ?

Are we enslaved to the cobweb of the unknown and in search of that which doesn't exist ?

Why are we so confused ? Why aren't we consistently growing ?

Why aren't we consistently exploring options ? Why aren’t we consistently stretching our limits ?

Is there something fundamentally and genetically wrong with us ? Or is it because we do not have anything to fight for and anything worth living for, or anything worth putting in the effort for? 

Why don't we have the fire to soar above and beyond of what we are capable of ?

Sometimes life does seem confusing.

Sometimes there is immense clarity.

Sometimes it feels like the whole whole is falling apart.

Sometimes you feel like the whole world is dancing to your footsteps.

Sometimes you wish that someone pays you  crores of rupees and takes care of you for life, Sometimes the presence of wealth itself disgusts you.

You feel like running away from the whirlpool of a self induced, confused responsibility state, but you end up coming back to where you are because you have nowhere else to go.

You’ve worked for so long, you feel like there’s nothing else you can do in life and end up falling into the same loop, ultimately feeling suffocated and choked. 

Why don't we have immense clarity to work towards our vision everyday?

Is it because we do not remind ourselves of our vision and purpose in life or because we lack the company of the ones with whom we can take the journey together?

Think ! Yes, start to think !

You’ll experience a lot of discomfort for sure but that’ll be on for a few months or max 1 year. It’s better you experience discomfort for a year than a lifetime.

If you still can't do this by yourself , join me and let’s do it with yoga. 

Let’s rise above limitations, shine in our true splendor and evolve beyond boundaries.


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