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Rest or Restlessness

We spend countless hours in the name of rest, sleep, rejuvenation, recreation, and what now? 

If only we could segregate and prioritize them, life would have been a lot simpler, understandable, and peaceful.

We have to rest at the physical level to rejuvenate the drained body. 

We have to rest by letting go of our anxiety to eat us up. 

We have to nurture our innate nature of being by connecting with our kith and kin/friends.  

We regularly need to disconnect from the online world so that we can connect to the inside world.

Lastly, we need to connect to the true self within us so that we make peace with ourselves and know who we are.

We need all of the above. You miss out on one and you’ll be off balance and your life will be thrown apart.

We need to connect to nature and bring out the creative flare in us. Be it in the form of trekking, drawing, music, etc. Figure out what action brings you close to yourself. 

The day you feel you're tired but can't figure out what exactly is happening to you in spite of sleeping for hours, check out these points. Print and put it on your desk and be your own


Physical rest : Sleep, meditation, breathing techniques, stillness 

Mental rest : Regular rest throughout the work schedule, silence, journaling, music.

Social rest : Nurturing authentic relationship, alone time, animals

Sensory rest : Turn off the device + lights

Spiritual rest : Gratitude, prayer, meditation, community

Emotional rest : No to people pleasing, expressing emotions, therapy, journaling

Creative rest : Nature, art 

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