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From the time ⏲️ we are able to see each other, respond & understand how the world 🌍 works, We are made to believe (as an obligation) that we need to be in a relationship with another to feel complete.

Our young, tender minds 🧠accept everything that’s thrown at it.

We go to unimaginable lengths !!!

We become desperate

We cry 😭

We succumb to the pressure 😡

We make irreversible mistakes

We fall & keep falling 🍂

Always searching for meaning, completeness & compassion in another person while completely ignoring oneself. Ultimately losing our own identity 😶‍🌫️

I mean imagine someone crying😭 for their loved ones to come to them at the right time.

Imagine how people pour buckets of emotions on their kith & kin.

But, have you ever cried for GOD?

Have you ever cried for clarity?

Have you cried for your inner self?

You go to lengths & breaths of the world🌎 in search of Money 💸. It’s good, I won't deny it. It indeed helps you gain stability.

But, have you ever thought about going to lengths to invoke the GOD who is inside you?

You never do this & when the whole world comes crashing down you feel like there’s no one on this earth to help you💔 & you become an atheist.

How good is your relationship with GOD?

How often do you talk🗣️ to him?

Relationship with the divine is the only one that’ll bring completeness & clarity in you.

Relationship with the GOD is the only one that’ll make you feel happy😁.

Relationship with GOD is the only relationship in the world that’s stress free.

Relationship with oneself is the need of the hour🕐.

Before you get into a relationship with another person, have 1000% clarity you have with yourself. Getting into a relationship for sensual pleasures alone is suicide ⚰️ 💀 !!!

Relationship with the Divine is what is needed.

Now, imagine how many parents (Indian parents) get their kids married🧑🏽‍🤝‍👩🏽 in spite of themselves having 0% clarity as to why they got into one in the first place. My blood 🩸literally boils when I think about this. For I've seen countless couples having 0% compatibility. Just because you’re young, fertile & wealthy doesn't mean you’re fit to give birth to another soul 🤱

First realize the purpose of your birth 👶 !!!

If you’re incapable, surrender to the divine or go in search of the ones from whom you can learn. Develop the relationship with the divine before you decide to develop a relationship with another HUMAN🧍‍

Rise | Shine | Evolve

- Harsha Nagaraj

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