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So, it’s my mother's birthday in a few days

A few months ago, The poet in me woke up. So, Here I go………

Dedicating this to all the mother’s.

Mother :

Her unconditional love knows no limits yet you limit her.

Her caring has no expectations, but yours does.

Her sacrifice has no limit, yet you limit yours.

Her kiss was the first love lesson & yet you think she knows nothing about love.

Her love knows no boundaries, Yet you distance yourself.

Her mind & intellect thinks only of you & yet you think you think to distance yourself.

The smile on your face is the result of wrinkles on her hand.

Your peaceful nights are a result of her sleepless nights.

She smiles at you, You never smile & then comes a day when there’s none.

She cares for you, but you don't. Then, there’s none left for you

you’ll learn to let go.

She never blinked when you needed a hug, now you run away when she wants one

She slept on an empty stomach so that you could feel full.

She let go of her desire so that she could fuel your’s

She became an embodiment of culture so that you felt grounded

She ignites the flame of caring & yet you turn a blind eye & you’re blind forever.

She’s an embodiment of benevolence, Yet you reach for help to the unknown.

She taught you about home, Yet you're out there searching for one.

She shares her soul with you, yet you don't share your home with her.

She’s the embodiment of unity,But you become the reason for division.

She will always overfeed you, Yet you push her away & then you’re hungry forever.

Accept it, her undivided, unadulterated love is beyond the grasp of a lame tender human mind.

All she wants is compassion but all you become

Doubt not her for a second, for she is a god incarnate.

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