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Importance of failure

We feel like our world’s crashing down & we are about to die when we fail or when we have to face an uphill task to redesign our life !.

Worse, A few people even got to the extent of harming oneself. Introspection starts only when we fail !

REMEMBER ! Failure is very very essential for introspection. Infact, Failure is a precursor for introspection.

Have you noticed how much you start to think & start connecting the dots once you breakup/fail ?.

Your mind goes above and beyond everything to understand the root cause of why you ended up being where you are.

Failure is an important part of life.

You’ll shine & grow to unimaginable heights if you make failure your best friend for the first 20 years of your life. 

Fail in unimaginable ways, Unnecessary & Unknown ways. This in reality is what lays a foundation for you to be the “YOURSELF”.

Make peace with failure. Make failure your best friend. 

Do not sit & cry when You fail. Instead, sit down & assess the cause , learn from your mistakes & evolve to be an upgraded version of yourself.

This indeed is how you need to live your life!.

Make “FAILURE” a synonym of “LIFE” & Make peace with failure.

You’ll never ever introspect in life if you never fail. The greatest of the greatest masters/legends/leaders are the TRUE living example of FAILURE.

Fail to such an extent that you’ll start feeling like there’s nothing more in life that can pull you down & THE DAY you reach this stage, IS THE DAY YOU'LL GROW to unimaginable heights. And that’s the day  you’ll get to know everything there is to know about yourself.

If for the first 20 or 25 years of your life you never experience failure, and then out of nowhere at 26 you’ll feel like the whole world's falling apart because you never EVER FAILED in your earlier days !.

So, Don't laugh at others when others fail, For you’ll be laughed upon when you become one.

Failure & sorrow are like 2 wings of a bird. You have to flap them really hard to fly above them !!

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