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How to get any person to like you : The secret of saying “NO”

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

The more we crave for people to love & care for us, the higher is the chance of losing them.

Unfortunately these days, showing affection by sharing the vulnerable emotional side is considered a weakness.

Being vulnerable is considered a sign of low self confidence.

Once the need & desire for a person increases & you start expecting more from them, that person will start to realize the over dependency you have on them….

When this prolongs for a long time, And they realize you can no longer stay away from them, they’ll consider their value in your life quadrupled & will ultimately start controlling you. (The best example for this is kids who take their parents for granted).

The more you say you want them in life, the more inaccessible they become.

Ever wondered why?.

My advice ? : Don't give worry about anyone until the feeling, emotion & vulnerabilities become mutual. Infact, pay least attention to them.

Humans develop deep connections with one another when they feel they’re undervalued & looked down upon but yet at the same time appreciated for the efforts they put in to learn & grow. They will strive to make their presence felt by doing what they do best.

If you’re ULTRA impressed by another’s personality & you start to verbalize & appreciate it they’ll take you for granted !!!.

It doesn't matter even if you fall miserably in love with them, they will not give a f**k about you & your emotions.

Ever wondered why?. Let me explain…

Everyone likes to work hard for the things they own. Hard work brings a sense of satisfaction & the happiness of the things once you own it brings completeness. If given free, the value depreciates & the other person will no longer be remotely interested in pursuing you.

The above is a common HUMAN psychological concept. It has nothing to do with being cold hearted or stone hearted. All of us like it when our EGO is pumped with the idea that makes one feel like “VIP”, Right ?

Do what you do best. Leave no stones unturned & then see the magic of life unfold before you. Never ever blink in working to your full potential, Never !!!.

When you do this, You will meet the ones who own the same mindset & approach to life as you.

Since you never do this, Laziness creeps in. Ultimately you meet lazy people, live with lazy people, die with lazy people and ultimately be forgotten as a lazy person.

The superpower to say “NO” will not only let you deep dive within yourself & gain insight but will also make you understand & experience freedom in its purest form.

Once this clarity dawns in you…

You’ll know who you are.

You’ll know why you’re here.

You’ll know what you’re meant for.

You’ll know your worth.

You’ll know your strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll know your weakness.

You’ll know your past.

You’ll know your present.

You’ll know yourself.

Ultimately, You’ll create a better future for yourself.

Then, Every person you meet, Will fall in love with you or one of your traits.

Your charisma & personality will be a beacon for the upcoming generations.

So, The secret to make sure every person only planet likes you is by “YOU BEING YOU & LEADING AN UNFILTERED LIFE” .

Cant do it on your own?. Well, you know where I am so come & join me & I'll teach you how.

Until next one : Rise - Shine - Evolve

- Harsha Nagaraj

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