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 Finding Love ↔️ Loosing hope

Hope & Love are the 2 things we hopelessly fail in/fall in. 

At times, In pursuit of hope we lose love or in pursuit of love we lose hope. We always go back & forth , fight for it , find it , fuck it up & then start over.

Finding love will never kindle the spark of hope

Nor will finding hope kindle the spark of love. 

Never ever interlink the two. Hope & Love function independently and have nothing in common.

Hope is what keeps you alive.

Love is what keeps you going.

Hope is individualistic. 

Love is for the masses/for your +1. 

Hope is for self.

Love is for the universe.

Hope is to spark the inner light.

Love is to share the inner light.

Hope is to rediscover yourself.

Love is to reconnect to oneself.

Hope is to hold on to oneself.

Love is to let go. 

Hope is a gateway to heaven. 

Love is a lane to live.

Hope is planting a seed for growth.

Love is when you reap the fruit.

In the pursuit of one, Never forget the other.

In pursuit of one, do not prioritize the other.

Hope & Love has to go hand in hand. Hope & Love should never rely on one another, EVER !!!

But but but …

Rely on (self) hope, but never on love.  Here’s a reason why.

Hope is under your control.

Your emotions are under your control.

Your feelings are under your control.

You’re the one who can ignite & kindle the spark of hope. When hope prolongs for a long time it becomes self love, Not self obsession ! You can rely on self love till your last breath.

So, never rely & in fact have ZERO expectations of LOVE if it’s from another source/ person. For ultimately when you lose it or they betray you, you’ll lose Love & Hope in oneself too.

Only when you’ve kindled THE true Hope in oneself…

Only when you find the true purpose of your life…

Only when you stay true to who you are…

Only when you work everyday towards fulfilling your destiny,Self clarity dawns, And ultimately LOVE FINDS YOU !!!

You don't have to go in search of it anywhere. Until then, everything you encounter is a mere bubble.

Have you ever cried just because a “ water bubble”  burst?. No right?.

So, go and sleep peacefully. 

The world will function the way it has to even if you aren't there

Your family will move on even if you aren't there

Another will replace you in your work if you don't show up

You will find & fall in love again.

You will be reborn again if you choose to.

Do your best when you’re here & forget the rest. 

So, lean on to “HOPE” for “LOVE” will come crawling to your feet.

Until then, Rise - Shine - Evolve

- Harsha

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