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Family :

This is probably the most underrated & over rated word that we’ve misunderstood our whole life.

I think the major reason why we fail & quarrel among ourselves is because we all fail to grow together. Yes ! You heard me right. This is the sole reason.

We grow, Our priorities change - This is a lame reason. The core reason is we no longer wish to be our older self.

We grow by time mentally, We grow by time physically, We grow by time psychologically.

If you settle where you are & you aren't sure about it, you’ll suffocate to death.

I had complete clarity as to what I wanted to do when I was in my teens, But elders usually think the young one’s arent mature enough to make the decision, Back then I dint have the courage to say NO.

20 years down the road, I can proudly say that they are 100% wrong. Not just them, School & college too which we considered as family.

Think for yourself. How many friends are you in touch with from your early days. If you have a number then you're the lucky one. Because mine is ZERO !!!

We all try to control & share insights, ideas based on what we’ve learnt in our upbringing which is decades old. Mindset changes by time, But not for everyone in the family does.

What we need to understand is the psychology of ourselves & the other person.

Maybe the one common link that can connect all us as a family together is Love. Agree ?

All we need is love to fulfill our emptiness.

Deep down we all want to feel the need to be in someone else's life so that we can make our presence felt & feel alive. Hard to accept & digest right?. It indeed is !!!. Being born as a human we seek for interaction, we seek for completeness with another.

You may ignore this fact & immerse yourself in endless hours of baseless conversations or meaningless scrolling or seclude yourself from all that the world has to offer & call yourself an introvert. But this indeed is a cowardly act.

We need to know where to draw to the line. It doesn't matter even if it’s our own kith & kin.

This indeed is what needs to be understood by each & every soul in the family. If not, You may have had a family earlier, You may be seeking one now or you may be a part of one later on but you’ll always be lonely on the inside.

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