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Eyes of life : Practice & Detachment (Renunciation/Vairagya)

All of us want to reach a stage where we are free from desire, but none wish to take action.

The biggest secret to reaching the highest stage of detachment is practice.

In yoga, we call this Abhyasa.

You fail in practice because you lack the mental strength to keep pushing yourself everyday !

SECRET : In your life there is JUST mechanical repetition, that’s why you feel like your life is robotic.

If you bring in a sense of devotion & dedication, your life will turn 360 degrees.

If you keep identifying yourself with what you see, hear & feel you will be moving further away from who you truly are.

If you’re someone who constantly feels like you never continue what you start, it is because you keep fulfilling your desires & passions instead of reality !!!

Yes, Passion & Desire is a byproduct of reality!

All our lives we are told to chase things that we are passionate about, giving us the false perception of what desire is. Agree?.

In yoga, you undo this ! Yes, It works. I am the living example.

You will develop detachment towards the outside world only when you practice a habit for a long time & only when it is uninterrupted !!!

When you do this for a long long time desires will vanish as if they never existed.

I did the above & I can proudly say that I have zero desires for food🍔, clothing👔 & materialistic possession🚗 that hinders my freedom.

I always abstain from accumulating things that need more attention once I have them. This way I have more time to read📖 & have real life experiences.

If you are always worried about what the outside world will think & pay attention to only your bank account🏦 or what’s around your neck, do you think you’ll ever reach a state where you are free from desires?

Forget about filling your closet with clothes. Start filling your mind with some mindfulness.

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