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Does yoga help in enhancing memory ?.

No, Yoga will help you in falling in love with your true nature.

Yoga will help you in making peace with oneself.

Yoga will help you to connect the outside world with your inside world.

When all of the above happens & when you’re truly in tune with your real nature. You’ll have a memory to last for a lifetime.

Never base one’s memory in one’s ability to recall & remember things one is least interested in ( This is the blunder schools have been doing ever since the inception of British Education system)

A creative/art person will be least likely to be impressed by logic.

An adventurous person will not be amazed by a PALACE in a distant land. 

With the attention span going down as the days pass, the ability to recall & retain what we’ve read is also going down. Memory retention is going down the drain.


Because you’re pursuing a wrong path. It’s not the books that’s failing you.

It’s what’s inside the books that’s failing you.

All you have to do is change the content.

That’s it !!!. 

And BOOM !!!. You can see how well memory is.

When you do the above you don't need any additional help or tutoring from anyone.

You'll have all the clarity in the world & you'll eventually remember every single thing you read BECAUSE you will start to love what you read. ASTHE !.

Sitting in silence wont help, doing breathing practice wont help when your core is dead !.

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