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Discipline and Surrender

Knowledge must lead one towards the understanding of true freedom.

Being born as a human, each one of us is in a stage of life which we wish to pursue in gaining deeper insight & understanding about oneself.

We all start slow, super slow. Remember those baby steps?👣👣

Imagine what would have happened if your parents had given up on you after you fell.

You will fall with each & every new habit that you wish to pursue.

Don't forget, you are just scratching the surface.

To become disciplined & understand the functioning of body🧍‍♂ & mind you have to stay away from the worldly desires which keeps pulling you down.

It is a daunting task, I won't deny. But you are the only one who can help yourself.

In life, once you become driven by purpose & meaning, every action, every activity will bring in a sense of completeness that will make you feel rooted to who you are.

With insight, you experience your true self in the purest form.

Once this happens, you become an Epitome of Purity🪷

Remember, You will never have the urge to surrender & let go of who you are until you become an Embodiment of Purity (Physically & Mentally).

The most difficult part of a human journey is to Surrender. This 9 letter word can end your cycle of birth & death in 9 seconds or it can push it to 90 births.

Rise | Shine | Evolve

- Harsha Nagaraj

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