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Being Alone is Not Lonely

We always mistake being ALONE for being LONELY.

These are 2 completely different things.

Being alone is not about loneliness !!!.

You live alone because you love being in quiet places, because you love solitude, because you have ZERO resistance to the WORLDLY garbage that’s thrown at you. You’ve been through a lot of ups & downs and now you want your own time.

We live alone because we fail to find the ones with whom we can spend time with (Not necessarily partners)

What you need is a tribe, a community, a group of friends away from work, away from family with whom you can spend time together, feel free, grow & be who you truly are !!!

This doesn't happen overnight. A lot of trial & error goes into it. A LOT !!!

In the process you will be betrayed & heart broken💔. But this is part of the journey.

SECRET : You have to enjoy being betrayed, being belittled & being seen as an outcast. Instead, Laugh at it😂 & see how mindful your life will become.

But silently work on the inside for the biggest uprising ever !!!

Instead of fighting against your emotions & feelings, you end up being a slave to it.

You end up getting sucked into the online world which will only make your life even more miserable. Ultimately, you’ll feel lonely, lost & lose your identity.

Remember, the happiest person & extrovert at present was once the saddest person & introvert.

So, do the below.
1. Find places where you can visit & be who you are.
2. Let go of your ego & start the conversation.
3. Smile when you see a sad face.
4. Stop sulking & start taking actions
5. Throw that phone away & get out to see the world
6. Let your completeness come from the real world experiences not through mindless scrolling on YouTube or Instagram.

Being alone can be a default habit but feeling lonely is a self inflicted sin that is a result of your ignorance.

DON'T YOU DARE think getting married or finding a partner while being lonely is gonna make it better.
You never go grocery shopping🛒 when you’re hungry, because you will ALWAYS grab the wrong things.
Similarly, never get into a relationship when you're lonely, because you might grab the wrong person.

Enjoy being alone.
Cherish the company of oneself.
Get better & become the best version of yourself.
Find & follow your true calling & Make peace with failure.

Rise | Shine | Evolve

- Harsha Nagaraj

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