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8 Reasons why you lack self motivation & appreciation

As crazy as it may sound. It is the reality.

Yes, We all lack self motivation (Inner fire) to pursue habits that change our life, visit places that feel like home & be among people who make us feel alive.

Ever wondered why?. Well, here are a few reasons :

1. You do not appreciate life : Yes, You don't !!! :

You’re being fed 3 times a day, You have a shelter above your head, You have shit ton of money (If not at least what you need) you’re sorted/”SETTLED” in life.

99% of humans are happy with the above. They are more dead than alive.

The day you realize that your inside world is full but your pockets are empty & you have a big smile on your face is the day you are born.

2. You’ve become a slave of someone else :

Modern day work has become a form of slavery. In the name of wanting to earn & make a living, If you’re making work the SOLE/MAIN PURPOSE of life. You are dead.

Self motivation & appreciation takes a back seat as a result of lost identity. Then starts the false pursuit of happiness for a partner so as to make you feel complete. If by miracle if you find one, both of you will suffer.Ultimately, birth itself becomes a form of slavery.

3. You’ve taken yourself for granted :

If you’re smiling while reading this, you know what I'm talking about. The only way to live life to the fullest & fulfill your destiny of your current life is to live life as if it’s your last day here. The day you take yourself granted, You’re dead. You're dead & you’re dead.

4. You’ve lost clarity about who you are :

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon, But everyone is for sure born with a clear insight as to what they want to do with their life. But by time one gets lost in the pursuit of habits that aren't meant for their true nature & there by distancing oneself. Lost clarity results in delusion, chaos & ultimately destruction.

5. You aren't driven by a higher cause :

Yes! Being a human, doing work and leading a mundane life is not the highest ideal of life. Family, kids & parents too aren't. Divinity alone is the supreme cause for your existence. Spirituality has to be a rock solid foundation on which your life is built. Your higher cause must be in unraveling the mysteries of life and attain fulfillment of your present life, Rest everything is secondary.

You accept this or not make's no difference to me or the world. facts & truth's cant be changed to please you.

6. You’re lazy :

There’s no worse enemy on planet earth other than Laziness. Yes !!! Laziness has killed (Mentally & psychosomatically) more ppl than war ever has.

Motivation & appreciation for life & earth dies when you let laziness creep in. So everytime you feel lazy, Stand in front of the mirror, Slap yourself & remember how blessed you are.

7. You’re too afraid to think beyond food,clothing & shelter :

Reality of life is beyond food, clothing & food. Ya, I agree you definitely need the above to think beyond. But, if you’re reading this I strongly believe you definitely have enough to think beyond.

Real comfort of life can be felt in its entirety only when you let go of the above. Use the above to easen the journey, NEVER EVER MAKE IT THE AIM OF LIFE.

8. You’re on a wrong path :

You will not reach the right destination by taking the wrong path.

If you’re stuck doing what you’re doing but deep down you know it’s killing you, it’s not letting you grow, then drop it & move ahead. Pursuing the wrong path is a major self esteem killer. Your appreciation for life will drop to ZERO and your self confidence will vanish if you continue to pursue a path for pleasure & living alone.

By pursuing what you’re born for you’re bound to grow & earn a 1000 times more. So why not suffer for a few years in figuring out what your strengths are instead of following or falling for another.

Rise . Shine . Evolve

- Harsha

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