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11 Reasons Why You Are Feeling Unfulfilled :

1. Motivation : This isn’t something that comes naturally nor is it genetic. You have to work for this every day, EVERY GODDAMN DAY !!!. Set a target & work towards it.

I usually skip one meal / force myself from not doing yoga/ say no to socializing & talking to people for a day to punish myself for not doing a task. The above are things I cant live without doing every single day. This is the only way to impose self discipline. No “self harming” btw.

2.Drive : Inner fire to reach the unknown is reachable when you feel like an orphan.

Yes, I consider myself to be lost & detached from all the ties I have to fuel my inner drive. I assume I have no one & I owe nothing & hence every day I wake up & push myself to reach greater heights.

I owe no allegiance to things I own, I owe no allegiance to people, place & relationships. It’s there, IT’S THERE ! THAT’S IT’S. I make peace with the supreme (GOD) & I talk to “HIM”. For I know deep down he’s listening.

3.Physical laziness : A few weeks ago I decided not to ever let my physical laziness take over me. I give the body the required rest,food & rejuvenation 6 days a week (Actually 6 ½ days in a week ). Only for half a day in a week I let it slob on a bed or anywhere it wishes.

I have a stipulated time, place & routine to be lazy !!!. By doing this I leave no room for laziness on any other day at all.

FYI, 99 % of physical laziness is just pure disinterest or psychosomatic !!!. Never ever fall for it.

4.Fall sick : I agree somethings aren't under your control OR is it?. If you are chronically ill or have genetically inherited an ailment, it’s beyond your control. You have to accept it & fight everyday. I agree, Falling sick every now & then is indeed painful since the constant breaks will kill the progress.

But 90 % of you do not fall into the above category. So, make the best of all the time & health you have instead of crying for it when you lose it.

5.Doubt : Self doubt is the new “SUICIDE”. Do not misinterpret & doubt the skills or knowledge of the one from whom you're learning. Test them, Know about them before you decide to learn from them. It’s better to know how deep the water is before you step your foot into it.

It doesn't matter how bad the teacher is,Faith & Love in the path you’re pursuing will take you farther than the one from whom you’re learning.

6.Unstable mind : Kill the mind !!!. Yes, You heard me right !!!. Never ever pay ANY attention to your mind. Your mind can do more harm to you than the people around you.

Once you do,You’ll be free from emotions,anger,hatred,greed,jealousy & envy.

The mind you own is the resultant of external influences (The materialistic world ). Since the external world is unstable, So is your mind. Now you know the real reason for the instability !!!.

BTW,don't just blame everything on the world & be free. Make sure you take meaningful insights from authentic sources/teachers to purify yourself.

7.Lack of control : I agree. There are some things that’s beyond our control.

But that’s only 1 %. The rest 99 % of what happens in your life is mainly because you choose it !

You lack control because you are miles away in understanding the reality of creation !!!. Once you “KNOW YOURSELF”, You’re sorted for life :)

Self Control becomes your slave.

8.Carelessness : Carelessness is a curse !!! A self imposed burden you bring upon yourself !!!

Not being serious about the work you do & taking things for granted is the root cause of carelessness. By the time you realize these things would be out of your control.

If you’re someone who doesn't value one’s time & energy, if you’re someone who doesn’t appreciate the blessing of having things it’s high time you change it instead of crying on things once you lose them !!!

9.Unhappiness : Never ever shy away from doing things just because you are unhappy on the inside. Unhappiness has an expiry date & ultimately like everything else you’ll eventually throw it in the GARBAGE BIN.

Never ever let unhappiness get the better of you. Understand that happiness & unhappiness is part of the journey. You have to digest the BITTER unhappiness to eat SWEET HAPPINESS.

10.Dejection : The day you feel dejected is the day you have to push yourself more !!!. Sadly we never do this !!! Once you feel dejected you feel like the whole world has fallen on your shoulders. When you feel dejected, Get the f**k up from where you are & start doing something. If you sit ideally, the feeling will only get worse by time !!!

11. Unsteadiness : We will all be unsteady till our last breath. We are humans & we are surrounded by humans, hence unsteadiness is our default nature. But there needs to be a limit, you have to know where to draw the line.

Wake up & make peace with it. You’ll grow to greater heights if you know this instead of fighting against it.

Can't do it on your own?. Come & join me & let's grow together to rise above limitations, Shine beyond insecurities & Evolve beyond our fears

- Harsha Nagaraj

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