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"How to Cope with the Pain of Losing a Loved One : A Guide to Grieving and Healing"

We are taught to eat, we are taught to read, we are taught to rest, we are taught to grow in life. 

We have experts for each and every skill that exists on planet earth that can be learnt & mastered over time. 

But whom do we turn to when we lose our loved one’s?. Who’s there to soothe the pain of losing someone?.

We get into the whirlpool of love, relationship & what not without blinking an eye but we never learn how to deal with it when we lose it. 

The absence of physical presence is what hits us the most because it is what makes us feel more alive than anything else in the world. 

But WHY?. 

Here’s why - We are born as humans with a physical body & we need to accept the fact !!!. We need to accept the truth until we evolve beyond it.

We often associate pain & loss to mere physical presence because we fail to see beyond “BODY” when we spend time with our loved one’s. 

And then when the whole world crumbles down, we're left devastated & lost. 

So whose mistake is it?. 

It’s definitely yours !. Because you were reluctant to learn & let go.

So what can be done?. Here are a few insights for 2024

Appreciate them when they are alive - See them beyond the comfort & pleasure they offer.

Appreciate it when they decide to spend time with you. They aren't doing it because they are lonely or have no one else. They are doing it because you mean the world to them. 

Be mentally present when you talk to them. “LISTEN” to them.

A little touch wont harm. Appreciate them with gentle & tender gestures of love & care.

“ I can find someone better than them” ,“I can find love elsewhere” - GET THESE OUT OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS !!!. Shut you back & accept the ones who come to you with open hands.

Cook, travel , celebrate life with them as if they are GOD incarnate itself. For if you don't see DIVINITY In HUMANS you’ll be blind forever.

Learn about their pains & lend a hand to uplift them “DO NOT BECOME A PART OF THE PAIN & PROBLEM” 

Stop finding a scapegoat for every mundane problem !!! BEING AN ADULT IS USELESS, ACT & BE LIKE ONE !!!

Remember, THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY !!! THE answer lies within. All you have to do is find a quiet place & time to resolve things instead of endless arguments.

Follow these and you’ll be free forever !!! It doesn't matter even if you physically lose someone, for you’ll feel complete because you did everything when they were alive to keep them happy and would have died with a big smile on their face.

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