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Breaking Barriers and Building Dreams

Nothing’s more difficult than wanting to build something that never exists nor what you had dreamt off.

Dreams are hard to build, but you know what's harder than that. Crushing them in front of your eyes just because you weren't ready to take action. 

We always think something outside of us is controlling us and pulling us down but the truth is it’s the devil inside that drags us down to the abyss.

We are our sole true enemy. We are our sole true destruction. It’s us, It’s always us and it will always be us. We are never truly working to our potential. We are never motivated enough to crush our ego. Our shorter vision and weaker aspirations darken our sight, We are no longer who we used to be, We are no longer our older self. We become someone who we are not for those who meant nothing to us .

When something like this happens, you lose sight of everything that you are meant to be, You die at 25 and then you’re buried only at 65.

Breaking barriers needs time, courage, and a vision that none would have dreamt of in a lifetime. 

Build a dream for a higher cause.

Build a dream to fulfill innate desires.

Build a dream for freedom. 

Build a dream to grow.

Build a dream to shine in your true splendor.

Build a dream to support your loved ones.

Build a dream to evolve.

Build a dream to break the cycle of life.

Build a dream so that life feels worth living for.

Build a dream so that you have something to look forward to everyday you wake up.

Build a dream so that you sleep the instant you close your eyes.

Build a dream so that you have no regrets when it’s time for you to leave .

Build a dream so that the little ones look up to you when they are lost.

Build a dream so that you know, life is not just about wishful thinking.

Build a dream so that you know that even your dream gets boring after accomplishing it. 

Build a dream so that you know you can build hundreds of them.

Build a dream so that there are thousands who’ll be there at your funeral.

Build a dream for you truly are a builder.

Build a dream so that you feel like this life is not just about you.

Build a dream so that you can grow and shine.

Build a dream to be free. 

Build a dream because you deserve it.

Build a dream because the dream deserves you.

Can't do it on your own ? Then join me and together, let’s Rise above limitations, Shine in our true splendor, and Evolve .


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