Stress management 


What you'll learn in stress management 


Becoming widely known for its ability to provide deep relaxation and help a person to dive deep into oneself in order to overcome the problems by himself.



  1. A great stress buster.

  2. Calm and relaxed state of mind .

  3. Different types of dharana (concentration) techniques to bring about a mental balance and tranquility.



Yogasana to help an individual to overcome the afflictions of body which is most essential and will further guide to higher aspects of understanding the secrets of universal application if one wishes to know.



  1. Increase energy and well being and improve flexibility and balance.

  2. Enhance sleep and relaxation. Dynamic practice (Ashtanga vinyasa) to help one reduce weight and shape up.

  3. Twisting postures to make the spine supple and also help to reduce gastric problem.

  4. Special practices for individuals suffering from different ailments.



A pathway to a peace state of mind. Balance and distribute the energy equally to all your body parts and stay healthy. I will start with the basic pranayama’s  and continue ahead as the student progresses.

Benefits :

  1. Calms down the mind

  2. Reduces blood pressure

  3. Reduces stress and anxiety

  4. Helps balance the imbalanced energy


  1. To help one overcome anxiety and hypertension.

  2. To bring about a completely new dimensional approach towards life with a few techniques from positive psychology.

  3. Insight into one’s own life so as to overcome the inhibitions with live examples.


  1. Participants shall be called in to share their views and experiences with everyone or with one another.

  2. Maintenance of a data base in order to compare the before and after effect of yoga.

Wondering when it can be Scheduled?. Below are the slots that are currently available. 

Course duration : 3 months

Classes               : Every Tuesday and Thursday

Class duration    : 60-70 Minutes


Requirements from the participant:

  1. Yoga mats

  2. Small towel

  3. Cotton track and t-shirt for women (strictly no salwar)

  4. Shorts and t-shirt for men (strictly no pants and 3/4ths )

If you'd like to organize on the above in your company, Pls drop in an email. We will get back to you in 30 minutes.