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Harsha yoga blankets are handwoven, which gives extra softness & natural feel.

Yoga Blanket

SKU: 364215375135191
₹1,000.00 Regular Price
₹700.00Sale Price
  • Made out of fine Indian cotton. Blankets can support different parts of body in lots of postures. Blankets made for relaxing, renewing & for restorative poses. This cotton Yoga Blanket is the perfect balance of soft-touch fabric and tight-weave durability. Comfortable base for yoga and extra warmth for headstand, this blanket has you covered. Yoga Blankets may be the most versatile yoga prop. Two or more to provide a stable but yielding surface for shoulder stands and headstands. Blankets can substitute for a bolster in restorative poses and pranayama practice, and give warmth under and over your body for final relaxation. Soft-touch fabric meets tight-weave durability Perfect for medication, yoga and savasana Use as a bolster, comfortable base or for warmth.

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