Sunday Stories, Part 1

Updated: May 24, 2020

Part 1 - Life beyond 4 walls

I’m Harsha Nagaraj & this is my story for the day.

The pin parvathi trail in Manali was the first himalayan trek I did back in 2016, Only to realize that there are mountaineering institutes all over India training adventure enthusiasts and adrenal junkies in all sorts of adventure sports. So, Finally I decide I’m gonna go ahead and do this and get it out of my head.

Last year around this time I was in one of those institutes. It was indeed one of the best times ive had, Meeting so many ppl who have endless stories to share, I started to realize what I’ve missed on all these years. Its definitely not the people around you who influence you, It is yourself!!. If the craving and wanting to go above and beyond oneself and explore the unknown and become the know is resulting in sleepless nights, Consider its time to meet the real you. Uncertainties and failures aren't the life lessons, It is life itself( At the gross level thought). We indeed are our own enemy, the day we conquer the devil inside us and kill it only then will you understand what “SELF” means,that’s the day you are born. It doesn’t matter if you realize this 30 years after coming to earth.

The connection I felt in the mountains was indeed uplifting,revealing and enlightening. There were days when her beauty and silence pushed me to dive deep within myself and the poet who was dormant in me also woke up. Yes, Finding inner silence is about finding the people and place where you forget about even who you are. It is not necessary that only when your on the path of the spirituality that it is possible. If being unpredictable, doing the impossible, practicing the unknown is who you are. Then life indeed is full of opportunities!. Every worst situation in life we encounter is a sign for us to rethink about who we are and free ourselves from the clutches of self ignorance. We went through a cycle of incarnations to reach where are and be born as humans, let’s be the best of this life! Find out as to why your here & Live your life to the fullest. Make everyday count.

******Let me know what you felt about my words in the comments beyond. Be ruthlessly honest though 😉******

******Pls do feel free to like and share among your friends and family. Hope this brings in a wave if freshness in your life and makes you feel alive *****

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