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Real Freedom/ Reel Freedom ? :

After being born as a human we are in search of Meaning, Money & Freedom. Yet after multiple failures we do not lose faith & continue to push ourselves.

Freedom, being free, feeling free & actually living a free life in totality are 4 completely different things. By following the above you will ultimately reach a stage of “ CELEBRATING FREEDOM”.

The wish to do,be & act the way we want is ISN’T freedom.

Waking up whenever you wish ISN’T freedom.

Having no one to discipline you ISN’T freedom.

Living the life the way you want with absolutely no one to guide you ISN’T freedom.

Wearing what you want, to express yourself. It’s your right. No one has a say on it.

Pursuing what you are born for isn’t freedom. It’s your birthright.

Wanting the free time to think isn’t freedom. It’s the basic human necessity.

The desire to express your love isn’t freedom. It's a basic instinct.

You do not need anyone’s NOD/APPROVAL to be who you are, why you are the way you are most importantly how you wish to experience FREEDOM in your life.

Follow your inner calling , Break your comfort zone, Push yourself to excel everyday, Stay true to yourself & Strive everyday to become a better version of yourself. This indeed is true freedom. This indeed is Freedom in its purest form.

Here are a few ways of how you can define FREEDOM. Choose the one that you resonate with…. Print it up & put it on a work/study table & see the magic unfold in the next few days.

The inner drive to transcend worldly sorrows is FREEDOM !

Wholeheartedly embracing change is FREEDOM !

Cracking life’s mysteries & attaining crystal clear clarity is FREEDOM !

Knowing the source & root cause of your creation is FREEDOM !

Relentlessly pursuing excellence is FREEDOM !

Never deviating from the path of reality is FREEDOM !

The inner fire to fulfill your destiny is FREEDOM !

Self - awareness is FREEDOM !

In the end, embracing your authentic self is the ultimate expression of FREEDOM!

Can't do it on your own?. Come & join me & let's grow together to rise above limitations, Shine beyond insecurities & Evolve beyond our fears

-Harsha Nagaraj

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