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21 Day Yoga Challenge (i)

If you're new to yoga & searching for an authentic program to get started with strong Indian roots, This 21 Day Yoga Challenge is for you. You will learn Asana (Physical postures),Pranayama (Breathing) & Meditation to lead a stress free mindful life. * Become Flexible * Lead a stress free life * Learn about Yogic diet. * Enjoy deep sleep everyday. * Have high levels of energy. * Loose those love handles & most importantly feel alive. Not just that, be a part of an amazing online community of individuals to nurture a bond beyond blood. And learn how to balance your personal life, work life, family life, spiritual life and connect to your inner self. You will stretch, twist & bend your body, mind and soul like never before, gain clarity & deeper insight and connect to your spiritual side. Mark my words when I say your life is gonna change for ever !. Get ready for a transformation of a life time ! It's time for you to Rise above your limitations, Shine in your true spirit & Evolve. So, what are you waiting for ?. Join now & I'll see you on the mat !!! - Harsha Nagaraj.


3 Plans Available, From ₹1,755.00


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