Updated: May 24, 2020

Life beyond 4 walls.

I am Harsha Nagaraj and this is my story of the day

All of us have been blessed with everything we want. Yes, everything. There is absolutely no shortage of anything, it is our greed that is getting bigger and masking us from having the most beautiful experiences in life and making us missing out on seeing the highest virtues that exist around us and in the people with whom we live.

Why is it that you stay away from having a life filled with lots of adventurous and new experiences?. Do you want to lead a boring life? Why is it you need security? Don't you trust your self? Why do you need to convince the people around you about who you truly are and restrain from being who you are truly meant to?! Are you scared of who you are?. Don’t you think its your birth right to be and live your life to the fullest irrespective of where you are and with who you are? Why are you depriving your soul from the expressing itself to the fullest? Why are you holding yourself back? What are you waiting for? Aren’t you craving for the freedom in thought, action and speech?

The answer to all this lies in you. Its simple, You have become your own enemy. The “YOU” in you is dead! Wake her/him up. Cherish and be the person who you are meant to be. Brake this barrier that you have created to yourself and stop convincing and making people around you happy. The proverb “Let sky be limit” is ancient, drop it!!! I say, Aim for the stars and reach beyond the stars. Because you are THE star. You were born because you were a star and the chosen one. You know how many life times you have taken to reach where you are?!. Cherish the life you have now. Its time you realize and live.

Adventure, Spirituality, Food, music and sharing my experiences among the souls who crave for it are the things that bring completeness me and help me connect to myself and bring out the creator in me/help me be in peace with myself. You have to find out what is your source of happiness. Trust me, Everyone has one, You have to search harder. Not everyone is meant for the schooling system we have at present. ESPECIALLY NOT ME. There are souls who are meant to stand out and express and speak up and share the words like no one has ever heard, I am that. YOU too need to find the same source that brings this completeness in you and which makes you realize that you are forever free, That you don’t have to crave for freedom for it is your real nature. Find this and you are forever love yourself.

Nature has its way of making your realize things by not saying a word to you. What is there in the beautiful world of ours is what is there inside us. Its just that when we sit and see to ourselves and think, the answers start to flow.

This is one of the things i realized when i was seated in the above place. Go to the nature, to connect to your true nature.This is i why love going to the mountains for i feel that is where my soul resides. What about you? Have you found yours?. Else, Start now !!!.

Break the barrier, Set yourself free and the real YOU reveal itself to you.

I hope this inspires you. Please feel free to share your views in the comments below, That will make me really happy. And share them among those who are interested. You never know who's life your about to change with a click of a button.

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Updated: May 24, 2020

Part 2 - Life beyond 4 walls

For someone who grew up in the southern part of India or may be the whole of India below kashmir, Snow & snow fall is big thing and the word glacier is unknown.

After 2 weeks of walking through the mountains in Arunachal Pradesh where I was doing my mountaineering course I heard that we will be going to the glacier. I dint even bother to pay attention to what the instructor was saying because I was sooo sooo bored of the training and wanted to return home since I dint find it challenging and intellectually stimulative. But I really liked the friends I made there so I decided to go ahead. Btw, I went there for a holiday 🙂 Days passed and then, Behold!!! We entered a last base camp of our training called the Meeratang Base Camp. After I reached here I became silent for I felt something big is gonna happen.

A day later, After walking for 3 hours we reached the Glacier. I lost my speech after seeing the glacier. It was indeed the Wall beyond the wall. Like the one in Game of Thrones 🙂. I could hear my own breath and my friends for almost 300 mtrs. Now, that’s what I call silence. I had seen glaciers when I was in switzerland and on my earlier Himayalan treks, But nothing like this. Seeing it I dint know whether to shit my pants or start crying.

On a serious note, After reaching there I realized a lot about myself and the creation. Though I was far away from my birth mother I felt like I was close my real mother. I cried, Others felt that I was week. The feeling was so over whelming that it started to choke me and I coughed for 2 days. FYI, I had never had a cough for the last 29 year. The last time I did have caught was when I was 2 yrs old. But the real reason was, I was happy to see my mother after 31 years. Yes! I felt like My soul was aching to meet her. I stood there spell bound with emotions overflowing and experiencing happiness in my entire being.

After I had realized that the world and people I live in is not where I belong I had started to fight, wanting to move out of it and this turmoil lasted for almost 2 decades. But after this, I made peace with myself. I realized I’m born in a place where I am for a reason and until I fulfill it, not matter how hard I fight, it wont do any good to me. For me I had to travel 4000kms to realize this. Everyone of us have to undertake the journey, Truth will reveal itself to you. You have to wait by keeping the doors of your soul open. Be it 10yrs or 31 yrs. When its time even God wont able to stop you. You travel out, to travel in. Exploration and travelling is not about fun, Its a process of self revelation.

Stay inspired. Make everyday count!. Freedom is your birth right. Live and lead. Let me know what you felt about my words in the comments below. Do share and spread the happiness by sharing this post. Don’t keep it to yourself. You never know who’s life you’re about to change with a click of a botton!

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Updated: May 24, 2020

Part 1 - Life beyond 4 walls

I’m Harsha Nagaraj & this is my story for the day.

The pin parvathi trail in Manali was the first himalayan trek I did back in 2016, Only to realize that there are mountaineering institutes all over India training adventure enthusiasts and adrenal junkies in all sorts of adventure sports. So, Finally I decide I’m gonna go ahead and do this and get it out of my head.

Last year around this time I was in one of those institutes. It was indeed one of the best times ive had, Meeting so many ppl who have endless stories to share, I started to realize what I’ve missed on all these years. Its definitely not the people around you who influence you, It is yourself!!. If the craving and wanting to go above and beyond oneself and explore the unknown and become the know is resulting in sleepless nights, Consider its time to meet the real you. Uncertainties and failures aren't the life lessons, It is life itself( At the gross level thought). We indeed are our own enemy, the day we conquer the devil inside us and kill it only then will you understand what “SELF” means,that’s the day you are born. It doesn’t matter if you realize this 30 years after coming to earth.

The connection I felt in the mountains was indeed uplifting,revealing and enlightening. There were days when her beauty and silence pushed me to dive deep within myself and the poet who was dormant in me also woke up. Yes, Finding inner silence is about finding the people and place where you forget about even who you are. It is not necessary that only when your on the path of the spirituality that it is possible. If being unpredictable, doing the impossible, practicing the unknown is who you are. Then life indeed is full of opportunities!. Every worst situation in life we encounter is a sign for us to rethink about who we are and free ourselves from the clutches of self ignorance. We went through a cycle of incarnations to reach where are and be born as humans, let’s be the best of this life! Find out as to why your here & Live your life to the fullest. Make everyday count.

******Let me know what you felt about my words in the comments beyond. Be ruthlessly honest though 😉******

******Pls do feel free to like and share among your friends and family. Hope this brings in a wave if freshness in your life and makes you feel alive *****

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