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Learn Yoga in 21 days

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About The Course


1. 60 minute Yoga practice just a click away

Every day you will join us for a 60 minute yoga practice which includes asana practice from Ashtanga yoga & Hatha Yoga. 2 Days will be exclusively dedicated to Pranayama practice & one day exclusively for Meditation where you can start your journey towards Inner silence. You will also get sneak peak and insights about the philosophy of yoga and secrets of yoga which you can apply in real life.

2. Direction & Insight

Just practical knowledge is of no use if you do not intellectually feed yourself.. We will be sharing the secrets to lead a mindful holistic life during the entire course which will give you the right direction and insight about Most people feel lost, alone & stressed in life. The Yogic philosophy deeply understands human psychology and talks about simple yet powerful tools to navigate the ups and downs of life in real life.

3. Meal Plans & Diet

Satvic foods are not only conducive to your yoga practice but also have the power to prevent and heal your diseases. Every day we will help you make a healthy food addition to your life. This workshop is designed in a way that you absorb the knowledge without getting overwhelmed & can actually implement it in your life. Don’t worry, Satvic meals are neither boring nor tasteless! This plant based power packed way of eating will bring you tons of energy each day!

4.Video on Demand

No need to worry about missing out on the live sessions and feeling the guilt about no practicing. Once you buy the course you will complete access to all the classes and you can choose to practice based on your availability.

Curriculum for The 21 Days


  • Focus - Get Started with the 21 Day Yoga Challenge .

  • Yoga Sadhana - Surya Namaskara & Sanding Asana.

  • Benefits - Learn how to stand & activate the muscles in the legs.


  • Focus - Strengthen the legs.

  • Yoga Sadhana - Surya Namaskara B & Standing Asanas .

  • Benefits - Stronger ankles & legs.


  • Focus - Spine & Lower back muscles.

  • Yoga Sadhana - Yoga for strengthening the spine.

  • Benefits - Feeling of lightness in back muscles.


  • Focus -  Lumbar & Shoulders.

  • Yoga Sadhana - Back Pain flexibility & mobility

  • Benefits -  No more back pain.


  • Focus -  Loosen & strengthen the Hips - Part 1. 

  • Yoga Sadhana - Hip flexibility & Mobility .

  • Benefits -   No more tight hips


  • Focus -  Loosen & strengthen the Hips - Part 2.

  • Yoga Sadhana - Tight joints & Inner thigh muscles.

  • Benefits -    Prepare yourself to sit down cross legged on the floor


  • Focus -  Loosen & strengthen the Hips - Part 2.

  • Yoga Sadhana - Tight joints & Inner thigh muscles.

  • Benefits -    Prepare yourself to sit down cross legged on the floor


Rise | Shine | Evolve


    Valid for one month
    • Yoga Classes for 21 days.
    • Completion Certificate.

    Lifetime access
    • Yoga classes for 21 days.
    • Completion Certificate.
    • Video Lectures on Food habits & Sleeping Cycle.
    • Secrets to lead a Mindful life.
    • 6 Live Group classes, Q&A with Harsha

    Lifetime access
    • Yoga Classes for 21 days.
    • Completion Certificate.
    • Video Lectures on Food habits & Sleeping Cycle
    • Secrets to lead a Mindful life.
    • 6 Live Group classes, Q&A with Harsha.
    • 3 Day Yoga practice sequence routine, post completion
    • Access to Virtual Community Channel.
    • Exclusive Access to Quarterly Bonus Content.
    • Free Lifetime Access to Course Upgrades.

Benefits You Will Gain

High level of Energy


Stress free life


Silence & Calmness

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-10 at 6_edited.png

Good Sleep & Clear mind


About the Teacher


Harsha founded Harsha Yoga in 2013 to spread the light of yoga, having practiced under senior Iyengar yoga teachers since he was 17.


In 2010, he earned an M.Sc. in Yoga and Vedanta from SVYASA University, Karnataka, India, on a full scholarship. There, he studied under Sri. Ramachandra Bhat, Dean of Veda Vijanan Gurukula and Vice Chancellor of SVYASA, who initiated him into yoga.

Harsha is influenced by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna Pramahamsa, Sharada Devi, and Sri T. Krishnamacharya. 


His studies of Yoga, the Prasthanathrayas, and Sanskrit have profoundly transformed his life. At Harsha Yoga, he shares his extensive knowledge and experience with students of all levels.

People are saying



Harsha Yoga is truly a bliss. The place has positive healing vibes. I joined Harsha Yoga 7 months back with spine issue.

I was unable to sit straight nor able to bend and do my normal day to day activities. But in a matter of 1 month I could see major changes. My back improved a lot and I could visibly see the spine correction by performing the yoga asanas.I am happy to say I was able to perform 108 Surya namaskar. I am deeply thankful to my Gurus Harsha and Sneha for their dedication and efforts in teaching. Truly thankful. If you want to see the difference and an improved lifestyle I recommend Harsha Yoga to everyone.



Driven by an inner fire to bring change in people through Yoga.His ability to teach,encourage & drive is very genuine and infectious. Simple and Smiling, Warm yet tough and down to earth with exceptional empathy for Students. Keen and uncompromising on fundamentals.

There are a lot more.It's an amazing program to start your day. Vibes are genuine and more importantly spiritual. Thinking of getting fit without going gaga over complex options on the market???? Just join here. A blessing for life.



Yoga is a practice of self-realization, a guide to higher consciousness, and ultimately a path to achieve total oneness with the Universe. It is beyond a physical practice (nonetheless very important in the journey) and leads to transformational changes at the core; I started the 21 Day Yoga challenge to achieve this higher goal in lif & to begin my spiritual journey & I am glad to have found the right teacher and like-minded people at Harsha Yoga.

Highly recommend to anyone and everyone who wishes to transform their lives by challenging their body, mind, and spirit.



The after effect is so relaxing and soothing. It has been so addictive that I don't wanna miss a single class! To actually feel what his yoga is you need to be consistent at least for one month.
Trust me ur body and mind says it all. You need to give it time coz yoga is more physiological and it's a lot different than gym! So if u want to know the actual results give it time and trust their method and you will love it for sure.


Dr. Nandini

I have been suffering with slip disc and numbness in both legs, treading a fine line between surgery or no surgery. It has been a long standing injury, which got worse with time, as I have been very irregular with yoga practice.

I started the 21 Day Yoga challenge & for past few weeks there is already a great amount of improvement in my condition. Numbness has reduced noticeably. Hoping for further improvement with continued practice.

Harsha is a very knowledgeable, dedicated and experienced Yoga teacher. I would be indebted to him for bringing in discipline and motivation in me towards Yoga practice.

  • Can beginners join this class?
    Yes, The 21 Day Yoga challenge is for a beginner & will help you learn and practice asanas and help you move towards Mindfulness. You will be practicing Yogasanas, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra & step into the world of meditation.
  • What next ? What do I do after I complete my 21 Day Yoga Challenge ?
    In the upcoming months we have courses lined up for you where you can learn to practice pranayama, meditation & all the other yoga techniques in detail. This is the first step. Get started and your life's gonna change forever
  • Will the session be LIVE or pre-recorded?
    This is like a Netflix/Amazon series. Once you purchase the course you will get full lifetime access to the complete program and you do not have to worry about missing a class.
  • I have knee pain and back pain. Can I practice yoga?
    Yes, we encourage you to join the sessions to get rid of your pain. For every posture, modifications will be taught so you can practice as per your capability. You will see a huge improvement in your flexibility and pain level with each passing day.
  • How will I continue my yoga journey after 21 days?
    We will share a 3 day self practice session which will be a combination of all the practices you have learnt during the Challenge. You will get 2 Asana Sequences for Asana Practice & 1 sequence for Pranayama & Yoga Nidra so that you will have solid 3 day practice sessions for the next few weeks. If you want to learn more you can join our 21 Day Yoga Challenge - Level 2
  • Which platform will we meet on?
    You can access the content on my e learning platform. Our course will be hosted on the harshayoga website itself with lifetime access to the entire program.

Who is this for?


For Working Professionals

You live a very busy life & have no time to exercise? Well, this 21 Day Yoga Challenge is for you! This will help you on your holistic journey towards Mindfulness.


For Spiritual Seekers

You are spiritually inclined but do not know where to start? Well, this 21 Day Yoga Challenge will help build a solid spiritual foundation.


For Senior Citizens

If you're looking to get guidance on how to practise yoga step-by-step to get rid of any aches & pains, join us!


For Students Wanting Better Focus

If you're focusing on self growth and want unwavering focus & concentration to accomplish your goals, this workshop is for you!


For Homemakers

Always taking care of others but forget to do something meaningful for your own health? It's time to do something wonderful for yourself so you can support your family even better.


If You Want To Reverse A Disease

If you're struggling with any lifestyle disease - such as diabetes, thyroid, PCOD. blood pressure, these 21 days will teach you how to reverse your disease naturally by changing your food and lifestyle.


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Dr.Ravi Kumar




Learn Yoga in 21 days

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